The Vision

The vision is that you’re able to come out and enjoy LA life without feeling judged or sized up by your appearance, occupation or who you know.

We have cultivated an environment where in this busy world you can connect with your friends and make new ones, all while feeling empowered to be your authentic self. Energy is everything and we are sure it’s GOOD energy!

The Story

Chop It Up Sundays Brunch was created by me, Jaimi Alexander! I’ve been hosting and doing events for over 10 years! First event my team at the time and I did in DTLA brought out 267 people. It was truly a night to remember!

Then I went to NYC and duplicated the efforts there with many unforgettable event experiences.

Once I grew out of the club scene, I still wanted to create space where we could get together and have a great time, eat good food (because who doesn’t like food), and actually hear each other talk! I believe strongly in good vibes and human connection.

In a city like LA where you can at times feel isolated, judged, pressured, missing your family while pursuing your dream and feeling overly ambitious, you need a place where you can connect on a human level and just have a great time!

You can catch Chop It Up Sundays Brunch every third Sunday at various locations all around Los Angeles!